Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Twas the night before Christmas,
and all through the barn,
not a package was missing,
not fabric or yarn.

The gifts were all stashed
all packed in the sleigh.
Just waiting for Santa,
to get up and away!

He was running rather late
(stopped to drink some hot tea!)
When he got in the sleigh
a few gifts got knocked free.

Some younger elves quickly picked up
the few boxes that fell.
Quickly put them back in,
(To Santa, they wouldn't tell!)

Never occuring to them
Santa was an orderly man,
and delivered the gifts
according to flight plan.

He started his route
and delivered his gifts,
Not knowing that some boxes
were now "adrift".

You see, since the elves put them back,
they're not in the right order,
and Rachel won't get
the fabric for her border!

And some little boy
has received her present!
What will he think
when he sees what Santa sent?

What will he do
with "Fresh Flowers" and "Sunkissed"?
I'm sure when he opens it
he'll be mad - and pissed!

And what will Rachel do
when she opens her box?
And sees a boy's XBox game
and underwear and socks?

Is there a 1-800 number
when Santa's presents go missing?
Will he bring them back?
Or are you stuck with that thing?

I guess what Rachel
will have to do
Is go to her quilt shop
and buy it all new!

And that poor boy with her fabrics
instead of his new game
will stop believing in Santa -
Oh what a shame!

And those younger elves of Santa's,
are now fired from their position
and now demoted back to
sweeping up the reindeer's emissions.

Let's hope that next year's Christmas
goes better for the Claus.
And Rachel's deliveries
goes off without flaws!

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