Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day is here again,
We'll fill up on turkey, ham, and pies.
Play games, watch football, maybe take a nap,
and hopefully we will realize,
That we can find many blessings,
if we take the time to look.
So stop and smell the turkey,
while you're taking time to cook.
And be thankful for your family, friends, and acquaints,
...That's what really matters!
To all, Happy Thanksgiving, and GEAUX SAINTS!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Yet another giveaway!

Here's yet another giveaway,
this time some pretty fat quarters!
Fabric is always nice to own,
for quilters, or for hoarders!

This giveaway is the Sweet Broderie line,
from the generous Retro Mummy!
the line is so so pretty,
it's really very yummy!

Here's the link to enter,
it ends November 21,
Good luck to all that enter!
My entry is now done!
I haven't posted lately,
I don't have much to say.
But this post has a message -
an AccuQuilt Go! giveaway!

I know we'd all love to win this,
So many people enter!
So please, please pick my entry,
Mr Random Generator!

I suppose that I must share this,
that's the purpose of this post!
So here's the link to enter,
( )
Simply Solids is the host!