Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's new, you don't ask?

I took some fabric, needles, and thread
sat down and started to sew.
Nope, not my machine but my own two hands
hand-piecing my first row.

I swore and swore I'd never use
a needle in my hand -
but sometimes life does otherwise
and gives us a new plan.

I found I liked it, what a surprise!
Yet it is not that what I wished
Until my studio is finished, though,
these "squishies" will be hand-stitched.

And isn't that like the life we lead,
While we are making plans?
God leads us through different doors
into different places, different lands.

If we but stop and smell the rose,
we might find the smell so sweet,
that we would never know of it
if we hadn't stopped our feet.

My God has moved me many places
from where I thought I'd be
And over and over He has taught
that in each move He's been with me.

That's why I am so grateful
and praise, there is no dearth
For where he's placed us, here right now
I call "My Heaven, Here on earth"!


Sue said...

That's beautiful, Nancy. Underlying those words is a woman who has experienced a lot in this life.

Em said...

Nancy, So beautiful and I love the visual I conjured up while reading the poem about you hand sewing. God is a GOOD man! Thank you for your words of inspiration.