Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday - or what we did today...

We sent off papers in the mail
to get a monthly check.
Hubby's status is now official -
Retirement is on deck!

(But not really) for we've got a business
that sometimes keeps us going -
he fixes golf carts, mowers, and stuff
so golf carts move, and mowers can keep mowing.

We've got a garden which needs weeding
and veggies to be picked -
grass to mow and plants to water
and buggies to evict.

Plus there's Facebook to be read
and posts that need replying.
(If I said that that was work
you know that I'd be lying!)

I never managed to sew my fabric
into even one quilt block.
Oh well, there's always tomorrow;
when I wake up with the clock.

I wish that I was organized
enough to get more done -
but that's not me, never was, won't be.
Life's still grand; it still is fun....

1 comment:

Sue said...

I love to read your posts! I follow a lot of blogs, but only yours is poetry!

I know what you mean about being "retired" and busier than ever-- That describes us!