Wednesday, May 13, 2009

what now?

What do you write about when you have nothing to write about? I'm a wanna-be quilter who has everything put away, waiting for my quilt studio to be finished. It's killing me! My brain is atrophying away waiting! Meanwhile, I read quilting magazines, blogs, websites, buy fabric to fondle, and pine away for my sewing machine...

But life goes on anyway, and I enjoy my acreage - watching the birds in the birdfeeder, the herons and egrets on the pond, the fruits and veggies in our garden getting bigger, and even going out weeding and cultivating.

My mom was passionate for gardening, and I wish that I could say the same. My passion is more along the lines of cutting up fabric in little pieces and then sewing them back together in bigger pieces. But, I go out in the garden anyway, and say a prayer that God wil bless it. When I go out in the garden, I remember my mom, how much she loved gardening, and feel a sense of continuance. When my cantaloupes ripen, I'll remember her. When the marigolds bloom, I'll remember her.

We all need passion in our lives - some sort of outlet - to keep us going. Remember to feed it, don't let it die....

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