Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall in West-Central Louisiana

Cool weather - finally!
I LOVE winter here! After coming from southeast LA, where winters are humid and windy, and the wind goes right through you, and you need a coat once the temps hit 55, I finally can enjoy winter! It's usually dry, and even though it's colder, it doesn't feel it.
I also think it's because I love my "Little bit of Heaven" here, and with 18 acres, you can actually SEE the change of seasons better than our 56'x87' foot lot we had in St Bernard. LOL! One of our gardens is bigger than our whole lot was!

I've been hand-piecing a lap quilt, and I've really been enjoying it! I never, never, never, never was going to hand-piece. Famous last words! I was very surprised to find out that I really like it, so I guess it's true, never say never. The quilt is just a very simple 4-patch, made up (mostly) from Moda's Gobble Gobble charm pack, with a few other charms I had that matched really well. Since it's getting colder, I think that I am going to tie it, instead of quilting it, so I can use it NOW rather than next year.

I also have some other projects lined up. I had a few packs of assorted charm packs I had bought from a now defunct quilt shop (online), and pulled out all the purple charms (even a little bit of purple qualified!). Found some fabric that blended really well (a pink and a yellow), and a really bright pair of fabrics for a border. I'm not sure how big it will end up to be yet.

Am also going to do an LSU quilt for my LSU-grad son. I have most of the fabric. I am planning an attic window medallion (with the LSU tiger as focal point), with LSU fabric, along with some "tiger head" fabric interspersed. Not sure as to the design yet, other than the medallion.
Here's a link to a fellow quilter here, Kathy, who is running a giveaway on her blog.


Saints game is coming soon - here's to a good game!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday - or what we did today...

We sent off papers in the mail
to get a monthly check.
Hubby's status is now official -
Retirement is on deck!

(But not really) for we've got a business
that sometimes keeps us going -
he fixes golf carts, mowers, and stuff
so golf carts move, and mowers can keep mowing.

We've got a garden which needs weeding
and veggies to be picked -
grass to mow and plants to water
and buggies to evict.

Plus there's Facebook to be read
and posts that need replying.
(If I said that that was work
you know that I'd be lying!)

I never managed to sew my fabric
into even one quilt block.
Oh well, there's always tomorrow;
when I wake up with the clock.

I wish that I was organized
enough to get more done -
but that's not me, never was, won't be.
Life's still grand; it still is fun....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's new, you don't ask?

I took some fabric, needles, and thread
sat down and started to sew.
Nope, not my machine but my own two hands
hand-piecing my first row.

I swore and swore I'd never use
a needle in my hand -
but sometimes life does otherwise
and gives us a new plan.

I found I liked it, what a surprise!
Yet it is not that what I wished
Until my studio is finished, though,
these "squishies" will be hand-stitched.

And isn't that like the life we lead,
While we are making plans?
God leads us through different doors
into different places, different lands.

If we but stop and smell the rose,
we might find the smell so sweet,
that we would never know of it
if we hadn't stopped our feet.

My God has moved me many places
from where I thought I'd be
And over and over He has taught
that in each move He's been with me.

That's why I am so grateful
and praise, there is no dearth
For where he's placed us, here right now
I call "My Heaven, Here on earth"!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

what now?

What do you write about when you have nothing to write about? I'm a wanna-be quilter who has everything put away, waiting for my quilt studio to be finished. It's killing me! My brain is atrophying away waiting! Meanwhile, I read quilting magazines, blogs, websites, buy fabric to fondle, and pine away for my sewing machine...

But life goes on anyway, and I enjoy my acreage - watching the birds in the birdfeeder, the herons and egrets on the pond, the fruits and veggies in our garden getting bigger, and even going out weeding and cultivating.

My mom was passionate for gardening, and I wish that I could say the same. My passion is more along the lines of cutting up fabric in little pieces and then sewing them back together in bigger pieces. But, I go out in the garden anyway, and say a prayer that God wil bless it. When I go out in the garden, I remember my mom, how much she loved gardening, and feel a sense of continuance. When my cantaloupes ripen, I'll remember her. When the marigolds bloom, I'll remember her.

We all need passion in our lives - some sort of outlet - to keep us going. Remember to feed it, don't let it die....